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At Fun Park Pediatric Dentistry, we use composite fillings on a regular basis. If you live in Suffolk or the local surrounding area and are looking for a natural-looking restoration for your child, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. Dr. Somefun can replace your child's broken tooth with a tooth-colored filling using a safe and comfortable method. Composite fillings are one of our most frequently used procedures, since we typically place a filling after removing tooth decay (common cavities). To learn more, call (757) 767-2767 and schedule a dental examination.

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The Benefits of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

One benefit of a tooth-colored filling is that we can place a composite resin filling quickly. We can place this affordable and durable restoration in less than 30 minutes per tooth. As with most dental care, experience matters. Since we place these fillings on a daily basis, we are skilled at completing the procedure in a way that is comfortable, effective, and fast.

Silver vs. Tooth Colored Filling: What You Should Know

Both materials over the many years of use in the population have shown to be safe. Parental choice should be based on personal comfort level with either material

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Composite Dental Fillings FAQ

What is a composite resin (white filling)?

Resin fillings are created to match the shade of your natural teeth. This way, it will blend in once placed. While it is called a "white" filling, the actual shade could be more of a crème, if that is what is necessary. Composite resin fillings function in the same way amalgam ones do, so they are still effective for restoring teeth that have suffered from decay or fracture.

What are the advantages of composite vs. amalgam fillings?

The biggest advantages of composite fillings, over amalgam fillings, is that composite-colored fillings do not stand out. If your child has a cavity and needs a filling, either filling material are excellent choices. To learn more about this option, call (757) 767-2767 and schedule an appointment with our Suffolk, VA dental office.

How are cosmetic fillings used?

At our dental office, we restore a damaged tooth structure using cosmetic fillings which could be either composite or resin modified glass ionomer filling. A chipped tooth or a tooth that has lost some of the enamel are usually restored with a composite filling.

Can anyone get a filling?

No. At Fun Park Pediatric Dentistry, we will only place fillings on a tooth that has enough of the healthy tooth structure remaining. The filling restoration process will not work if the tooth is too badly damaged. If too much of the tooth is gone, a dental crown may be a better solution. The crown surrounds the tooth like a cap and prevents further damage. We offer both of these procedures and more for our patients.

Tooth-colored or composite dental fillings?

Composite dental fillings are just one type of tooth-colored filling available to your child. Natural-looking fillings can be made of composite resin, glass ionomer or resin modified glass ionomer; the most common being composite resin. All are effective, but glass ionomer lasts the least amount of time since the material is more fragile. Our staff will be happy to discuss the filling options with you and your child in further detail.

How long do resin fillings last?

There is no set expiration date, but Dr. Somefun warns patients that fillings can deteriorate and wear down just like normal teeth. This makes it important to have your child practice good oral hygiene and to brush with a soft bristle brush or an electronic toothbrush.

Are there any special care instructions for cosmetic fillings?

No, your child needs to care for the fillings, just as he or she would with his or her other teeth. Your child needs to brush at least twice a day and floss on a daily basis. We recommend using fluoride toothpaste, since this can help to strengthen your child's teeth and prevent further decay. In some cases, we may even recommend a fluoride treatment in our dental office. Parents should also remind their child to avoid doing anything that could damage teeth and wear a sport mouth guard if applicable when playing sports. Keep in mind that a filling is there to restore your child's tooth structure in appearance and functionality. We are not trying to restrict patients' activities or what they can eat. Instead, we place fillings to ensure a patient can quickly return to his or her normal daily activities.

When can I eat like normal?

After a restorative filling is placed and local anesthesia has worn off, normal dietary habit is expected. There should be no dentinal sensitivity or pain. For more specific information, call 757-767-2767 to schedule an appointment.

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