AboutFun Park Pediatric Dentistry

Our mission at Fun Park Pediatric Dentistry is to create a safe, comfortable, and loving environment for our patients. Our name coincides with our mission in making our practice fun for young patients while aiming to redefine the idea of dentistry and oral health in their eyes. We prioritize comfort and safety not only in the clinic but also on oral hygiene habits at home, developing a healthy routine for your child.

Many oral health issues that evolve over the years and into adulthood result from poor oral hygiene in the early development stages. Creating healthy habits and a love for brushing ultimately leads to fewer dental appointments in the future. Still, we understand that many oral health issues are genetic and require treatment regardless of hygienic habits. Treating those issues as early on as possible while maintaining proper oral care can limit the need to continue addressing issues going forward.

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Dr. Lanre Oye-Somefun

Dr. Lanre Oye-Somefun

Dr. Somefun is grateful for the opportunity to serve Suffolk, Franklin, Southampton, Isle of Wight and the Hampton road areas. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. A graduate of New York University College Of Dentistry and NYU Langone Dental Medicine.

During his training at New York University College of Dentistry, Dr Somefun was selected into the prestigious Special Patient Care Honors Program, where he was responsible for managing the care of the most complex medical and dental patients' needs. He earned the distinguished Sidney I. Silverman award for clinical excellence.

He completed his pediatric specialty training residency at NYU Langone Dental Medicine where he was selected as the chief resident of the program.

Dr. Somefun is passionate about pediatric dentistry, he believes strongly that as a pediatric dentist, he is an advocate for the child.

Outside Dentistry, Dr. Somefun is a hobbyist Java Programmer, who loves nature and loves immersing in nature. He is avid traveler with his wife Yewande, they have traveled and visited many cultures and hope to continue learning and appreciating the many ways we are different but the same.