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At Fun Park Pediatric Dentistry, we can treat children that are struggling with dental anxiety. If your child dreads the dentist due to a fear of what a procedure could be like or simply does not enjoy having dental work done, give us a call. In our Suffolk, Virginia dental office, we ensure that your child is comfortable and relaxed regardless of the procedure. Upon visiting our office, we will meet with you to discuss what treatments your child needs and help you create a plan for how to keep your child's mouth healthy. We will also ease any fears that your child has about dentistry or procedures in general. This way, you and your child will be informed and empowered to make decisions regarding dental care without experiencing any anxiety.

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How can I ease my child’s fears about dental care without medication?

When you visit our dental office, we can discuss possible methods to prevent your child from experiencing anxiety while receiving dental care. A simple, tried and effective method is visual education by parents prior to their child first visit. We encourage finding video's of children in similar age range as your child having a positive experience at the dentist to reinforce positive behavior and reduce dental anxiety. Other resources are bed side story books you can find on Amazon such as Dentist Trip (Peppa Pig) and Dora Goes to the Doctor/Dora Goes to the Dentist (Dora the Explorer))

How can I prepare for my child’s dentist appointment?

Dr. Somefun encourages a pre-appointment visit to our Suffolk dental office to meet us before your child undergoes any actual dental work. Taking the time to tour our office, where the child can sit in the dentist chair and have a conversation, will allow him or her to become familiar with our staff and office environment. After this first visit, the child will feel more comfortable during teeth cleanings or specific procedures from familiar faces. During your consultation, we can also discuss what you and your child can expect from a teeth cleaning or a specific procedure. At Fun Park Pediatric Dentistry, we have found that the more information our patients have about their procedure, the more comfortable and relaxed they feel. This preliminary appointment can help to alleviate the fear of dentists that your child is experiencing.

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Dental Anxiety And Laser Dentistry (Two Peas In a Pod)

Are there other ways to make dental work more comfortable?

Yes, laser dentistry is transforming how dental procedures are being completed. When you visit Fun Park Pediatric Dentistry, you can be confident we will use the latest technology available to make your child's procedure more comfortable. Lasers allow us to target small spaces without irritating the surrounding tissue by using a laser with small focal point of energy. This reduces discomfort and the recovery time. Lasers are also less invasive than traditional dental tools, leading to less bleeding and swelling than there would be otherwise. They can be used in treating tooth decay, ulcers, and in restorative procedures. If you want a more comfortable experience for your child and to reduce your child's dental anxiety, we highly recommend visiting a laser dentistry office. To learn about the procedures that we perform using lasers, call (757) 767-2767 and schedule an appointment to speak with Dr.Somefun. At Fun Park Pediatric Dentistry, we have found that when lasers are used, many of our patients no longer need sedation or pain medication. Lasers help eliminates the common factors that create the fear of dentists in children. For example, the noise, heat, and vibration that is traditionally associated with the dental drill is not present when using lasers. There is also a reduced amount of aerosols generated as a result of using laser

To learn more about sedation dentistry, new dental technology or how to reduce your dental anxiety, call and schedule an appointment with Fun Park Pediatric Dentistry today.

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